Caribbean Cement Company rehabilitates road in Litchfield, Manchester – Concrete road improves farmer’s access to markets

Caribbean Cement Company Limited on Sunday December 16, 2018 hosted a ceremony to mark the opening of 530 metres of concrete road in Litchfield, Manchester.

This new road contributes to several social and economic development goals for the district, including better access for farmers to take their goods to market, easier commute for students to schools and shorter distances for residents to other parts of the parish.  The previous road had passed its design life and was in urgent need of rehabilitation.

The project provided men and women from the community with valuable work experience. More than 60 persons have been trained in the proper technique of preparing and laying concrete and in building a concrete road. Seventy-Five persons, as well as micro businesses in the area derived direct and indirect income earning opportunities throughout the project which was completed within five weeks.

Peter Donkersloot, General Manager of Carib Cement said an outstanding feature of the project was the community spirit.

“Carib Cement is really proud to have partnered with a community that has such a great ability to organize and cooperate. You rallied around each other and with Carib Cement to finish this job in good time. Now, we hand it over to you to take care of the roadway; to respect the road code, to promote the safety of all the users.  Walk, Ride, Drive, Cycle with care,” Mr Donkersloot said.

Part of Carib Cement’s goal is for more of Jamaica’s roads to be build or repaired with concrete, which is a more durable and cost-effective material. The Honourable Audley Shaw, Member of Parliament of North East Manchester and Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries said concrete is a sustainable material for developing roads.

“We want to use more of this type of material so that we can have sustainability in our community. I know the farmers have been working hard and I encourage you to continue to do your best. I know the road will make it easier for you…it will also be easier for the children to get to school. We want to keep on improving the roads until the whole community is fixed up properly,” Minister Shaw said.

Litchfield is located within the Mile Gully area of Manchester and is close to Bottom Grove Place and Kraal. The improved road serves as a through road to the communities of Devon, Hibernia, Bethany, Chudleigh, Christiana, Spaulding and Mile Gully. More than 200 hundred homes and 2000 residents live in the area.

Community resident Collin Walters said the new road was a dream come through:  “This is our road and we are very excited about it. But I am imploring drivers to please be very, very, careful. Parents, please tell the children to be aware when they are walking, playing, riding bicycles to be very aware and very careful.”

Completed at a cost of $10.8 million dollars, this development initiative is part of  Carib Cement’s Corporate Responsibility Programme which, since 2016 has invested $265 million in projects, scholarships and training and has reached more than 230,000 Jamaicans.

Parris Lyew-Ayee, Chairman of Carib Cement; Councilor Leroy Mitchell of the Walderston Division of the Manchester Municipal Council; Collin Walters, member of the community; The Hon Audley Shaw, MP and Peter Donkersloot, General Manager of Carib Cement following the unveiling of the sign yesterday marking the opening of the 530metres of concrete road donated by Carib Cement to Litchfield, Manchester.
Parris Lyew-Ayee, Chairman of Carib Cement; Councilor Leroy Mitchell of the Walderston Division of the Manchester Municipal Council; Collin Walters, member of the community; The Hon Audley Shaw, MP and Peter Donkersloot, General Manager of Carib Cement following the unveiling of the sign yesterday marking the opening of the 530metres of concrete road donated by Carib Cement to Litchfield, Manchester.


Carib Cement demonstrates its commitment to foster relations with its stakeholders through investing in its Corporate Social Responsibility Programme. Over the years, we have implemented, contributed and assisted with numerous projects.

The company has always invested largely in Corporate Social Responsibility. “One of the many ways in which we have assisted persons from the community to get better opportunities is through training, which is paramount to our company. A significant training program was implemented when the kiln expansion program was commenced. This resulted in training of over 1000 persons from the community, in areas such as: steelwork; masonry; crane; and operations. The participants in this program received internationally recognized certification.

Caribbean Cement Company Limited believes in nation-building and continues to invest in and around surrounding communities through several programs. Our scholarship program assists children who would not have otherwise been able to afford their education. We have also invested in local schools, and have supports women’s entrepreneurship programs.

Caribbean Cement donates jogging trail to university community of Mona Heights 

Caribbean Cement Company Limited has donated a jogging trail at the Mona Heights Park in St. Andrew. This was formally presented on October 27 at a ceremony during which Fayval Williams, Member of Parliament for St. Andrew Eastern and Dr. Christopher Tufton, Minister of Health participated.

Peter Donkersloot, General Manager of Carib Cement said: “We are happy to donate this jogging trail to the community and now officially hand this project over to you, to take care of it, maintain it and continue to make it a welcoming place for everyone to exercise and relax.”

The concrete jogging trail is 370 metres long and cost just under J$5mn. It was completed on time, within budget and accident free.

Present at the event were Parris Lyew-Ayee Snr, Chairman of Carib Cement and Andrew Bellamy, Councilor of the Mona Division.

According to the 2011 Census of Population & Housing – Jamaica, there are 1891 households in Mona Heights.

Carib Cement has over the past three years contributed $200 million dollars in community outreach initiatives, which have positively impacted more than 200,000 men, women, boys and girls across Jamaica.

Caribbean Cement Company Ltd has donated at 370-metre jogging trail at the cost of just under J$5million to the Mona Heights, St. Andrew community.  Celebrating the hand over with the placement of the starting marker are from left, Peter Donkersloot, General Manager of Carib Cement; Dr Christopher Tufton, Minister of Health; Parris Lyew-Ayee, Chairman of Carib Cement and Fayval Williams, Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service and Member of Parliament for St. Andrew Eastern, in which Mona Heights is located.

Parris Lyew-Ayee, (right) Chairman of Caribbean Cement Company Ltd helps with mixing cement to plant the final sign on the recently completed 370-metre jogging trail at the Mona Heights Park in St. Andrew on Saturday, October 27. From left are Andrew Bellamy, Councilor for the Mona Division; Fayval Williams, Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service and Member of Parliament for St. Andrew Eastern; Winsome Johns-Gayle, president of the Mona Heights Citizens’ Association; Dr Christopher Tufton, Minister of Health; and Peter Donkersloot, General Manager of Carib Cement.

Recognizing Labour Day In A Meaningful Way.

A team of 40 persons was organized by Carib Cement to brighten up the Camperdown High School in commemoration of Labour Day. This included the painting of a wall built by Carib Cement, the planting of flowers and general maintenance of the school’s grounds. This will impact more than 3000 students that attend the institution as well as their parents and the staff.

The company joined Logos Hope and the Rotary Club of Kingston and Port Royal in this remarkable effort.

It’s all about Family!

Family members of Carib Cement employees were thrilled to participate in the inaugural Carib Cement and CEMEX Family Plant Tour that took place on July 8, 2017. It was a memorable day where the children were provided uniforms to replicate that of their parents which allowed them to envision their parents’ daily work life and have a greater appreciation of their jobs at Carib Cement. The concept was adopted from CEMEX to expose families to our place of work. 

The tour began at Cement Mill 5 and the exciting journey continued along to Kiln 5 and then the hub of the plant – Central Control Room. The group learned about the importance of safety, the cement manufacturing process and the basic operations of the plant. The children were excited as they asked many questions about the plant and the requirements to work at Carib Cement. Feedback provided by one parent was that his child was proud and excited that he had the opportunity to sit in his chair and see what he does every day.

The tour culminated with a hand printing exercise on the Carib Cement/CEMEX Family Wall which serves as another reminder to all employees that we must return home safely.

RE_ Emailing_ Management – Caribbean Cement Com 1..Carib Cement Brings Concrete Solution to David’s Hill

On Friday, August 18, the company proudly opened 300m of concrete roadway in the David’s Hill Community. This Community is nestled in the Hills of the Blue Mountains and supplies one of Jamaica’s favorite exports – Blue Mountain Coffee, among other cash crops that feed Jamaica.

Carib’s Cements investment in the project included the cement and the expertise to construct the roadway in a challenging terrain, with gradients in excess of 30 degrees.  Members of the community and Member of Parliament for the area, the Most Honorable Juliet Holness, expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Carib Cement. During Mrs. Holness’ expression of thanks, she used the opportunity to champion the concrete road solution, inviting influential persons to migrate to this durable option, especially for the rural roads in Jamaica.

Carib Cement is happy to  have made this investment in infrastructure to facilitate agriculture and help the people of Jamaica. Carib Cement…Building a Greater Jamaica!

RE_ Emailing_ Management – Caribbean Cement Com..Carib Cement Invests in Sports

Once again, Carib Cement’s commitment to corporate social responsibility was highlighted with the inauguration of the newly refurbished and upgraded Donmair Sporting Complex last Thursday, August 17, by the Member of Parliament, Minister   Karl Samuda, and General Manager Mr. Peter Donkersloot.

This community now boasts of having a world class facility as Carib’s investment resulted in the refurbishment of the football field, the netball/basketball court as well as repairs to the walls and fencing of the facility. The complex was also upgraded with viewing stands, bathrooms and a small office. As a result, the residents of the Common and Beverlydale communities are now well equipped to accommodate competing teams from other communities.

Members of the communities who were in attendance at the ceremony expressed their appreciation and gratitude by using the facilities as soon as the formalities were  completed. Another sound investment by Carib Cement.

Carib Cement…Building a Greater Jamaica!

Painting at Camperdown High SchoolPainting at Camperdown High School

At the Camperdown High School, the Carib Cement team joined 100 volunteers to paint, clean up and improve the general aesthetics of the school buildings and grounds. Besides labour, Carib Cement’s contribution was donating cement and paints to beautify identified areas as well as the reading room and some classrooms. Over 2,000 students and staff benefited from this donation.

Support after heavy rainsCement donation following heavy rains

In June 2017, heavy rains devastated some parts of the island and CCCL assisted the rebuilding effort by donating 3,000 bags of cement to the Office of Disaster Preparedness. This donation was received by the Prime Minister, the Most Honourable Andrew Holness as well as a team of persons including Minister Granger, the Mayor of Kingston, the CEO of the KSAC and the Head of ODPEM Major Davis.

Cooreville gardensCCCL hands over Cooreville Gardens Community Centre

Over 200 residents from Cooreville Gardens recently came out to celebrate Carib Cement’s official hand-over of a community centre to the Member of Parliament for the area – Ambassador Anthony Hylton and the Cooreville Gardens Citizens’ Association.

Carib Cement has been a long-standing patron of the community and in its latest contribution, facilitated construction of the centre.

Hope-Pastures-1-smallCarib Cement brings hope to Hope Pastures

Residents of Hope Pastures in Jamaica were thrilled about the rehabilitation of their Community Park by Carib Cement. The official hand-over ceremony took place on July 8, and was witnessed by over 150 persons who expressed their appreciation to the Carib Cement team.

The park was unused for several years, but thanks to this CSR initiative, the community now has access to a badminton court, kiddies play area, jogging trail, basketball court and an area specially designated for family fun and recreation.

The function was attended by member of Parliament, Minister Faval Williams, Councillor for the area, Mr. Andrew Bellamy as well as other notable residents.


The ‘Read Across Jamaica Day’ was supported by CCCL at the Harbour View Primary School on May 3, 2016. A team from the company shared with the students in their activities including reading to classes.


Carib Cement partnered with the Bull Bay Community for the International Beach Cleanup Day on September 17, 2016 at the Bob Marley Beach, Nine Miles, Bull Bay. The team was joined by Most. Hon. Andrew Holness, ON, MP, Prime Minister and Mrs. Juliet Holness, Member of Parliament for the area and their two sons.


Carib Cement was proud to host a booth at the JMA/JEA Expo 2016. The booth featured our product and services as well as showcased different elements of our work with the community. The photo shows the Prime Minister, the Most. Hon. Andrew Holness, ON, MP, having come fun with the staff and patrons when he attempted to life a cement bag one-handed.