Caribbean Cement Company Limited

Caribean Cement Company Limited - Distributors - Manchester

  Below are the approved Carib Cement Distributors in Manchester



Barrett Block & Concrete Products Limited

ADDRESS: Chudleigh Dist., Robins Hall P.A
PHONE: 964-3242

CONTACT: Ronald Barrett


Best Price Builders Mart

ADDRESS: 6 North Race Course Rd. Mandeville, Manchester

PHONE: 964-4067


CONTACT: Patrick Taylor


Bi-Way Hardware

ADDRESS: P.O. Box 39, Royal Flat,Williamsfield
PHONE: 963-4332

CONTACT: Luther Chantiloupe


Brumalia Hardware

ADDRESS: 2 Perth Road, Mandeville

PHONE: 962-2115


CONTACT: Joseph Chin


Central Cement

ADDRESS: Main Street, P.O. Box 44, Christiana
PHONE: 964-2259

CONTACT: George Kirby


Central Hardware & Plumbing Supplies

ADDRESS: 17 Ward Avenue, Mandeville

PHONE: 962-1789


CONTACT: Osbourne L. Brown


Durastone Jamaica Limited

ADDRESS: 62 Caledonia Road, Mandeville
PHONE: 849-4189

CONTACT: Wayne Gallimore


Hardware & Lumber

ADDRESS: 16 Ward Avenue Mandeville

PHONE: 961-8631


CONTACT: Sharon Chin-Tye


Hatfield Hardware & Supplies Ltd

ADDRESS: Hatfield Plaza, Hatfield

CONTACT: Jerome Roach


Johnson’s Building Division

ADDRESS: 2 Newark Close, Spur Tree

PHONE: 964-6836


CONTACT: Nicole Drummond


Jones Bargain House

ADDRESS: Murphy’s Plaza Christiana & Sylidian Court
PHONE: 964-3212

CONTACT: Orenthia Allen


Lane Hardware

ADDRESS: 72 Manchester Road, Mandeville

PHONE: 962-4526


CONTACT: Neville Wright


Mack John Traders

ADDRESS: 72 Manchester Road, Mandeville
PHONE: 962-9550

CONTACT: Lawrence Johnson


Marjoblac Quarry & Block Factory

ADDRESS: Chudleigh District, Christiana, P.O. Box 1661

PHONE: 964-9871


CONTACT: Omar Jones


May Day Block Factory Trucking Construction & Development Ltd.

ADDRESS: May Day P.A., Manchester
PHONE: 964-9178

CONTACT: Radcliffe Nelson


McIntosh Golden Block Co.

ADDRESS: Crawford District, Fyffess Pen P.O., St. Elizabeth

PHONE: 880-2826


CONTACT: Textburt Gooden


Meg Rose Blocks & Hardware

ADDRESS: Victoria Town Dist. & P.A. Manchester
PHONE: 425-3375

CONTACT: Marvin Meggie


Meikles Blockmaking Ltd.

ADDRESS: Spur Tree, Manchester

PHONE: 964-6395


CONTACT: Trevor Meikle


Mid Way Block Making

ADDRESS: New Port P.O., Manchester
PHONE: 904-9941

CONTACT: Franklyn Sconce


Patmore Hardware

ADDRESS: P.O. Box 117, Christiana

PHONE: 964-2411


CONTACT: Karl Patmore


Persad’s Hardware

ADDRESS: P.O. Box 12, Porus
PHONE: 904-1105

CONTACT: Lagene Persad


PRO Hardware (Wiltshire)

ADDRESS: 62-64 Manchester Road Mandeville

PHONE: 625-0722


CONTACT: Gus Santino


S & V Development Co. Ltd.

ADDRESS: Kingsland, Spur Tree P.O.
PHONE: 964-6527

CONTACT: Miguel Smith


Sinclair’s Hardware

ADDRESS: Chudleigh District, Christiana

PHONE: 964-2697


CONTACT: Wilbert Sinclair


Somerset Enterprises Ltd.

ADDRESS: P.O. Box 5952, Kendal, Manchester
PHONE: 904-5585

CONTACT: Albert Powell


Southern Finance Company Limited

ADDRESS: 22A Ward Avenue, Mandeville, Manchester Sui # 10

PHONE: 681-6075-6


CONTACT: Baldwin Smith


Stewart’s Hardware

ADDRESS: Cnr Ward Ave & Winston Jones Highway
PHONE: 963-8883

CONTACT: Baron Stewart


Palmer’s Enterprise

ADDRESS: Mile Gully P.O. Manchester

PHONE: 610-7356


CONTACT: Everton Alexander Palmer


T & A Midway Blocking

ADDRESS: New Port P.O. Manchester
PHONE: 904-9941

CONTACT: Franklyn Sconce


Wiltshire’s Hardware

ADDRESS: Spaldings

PHONE: 964-0615


CONTACT: Lisa Wiltshire-Desveoda


Mile- Gully Hardware

ADDRESS: Mile Gully P.O. Mandeville
PHONE: 796-6783

CONTACT: Donna Shields


Delcam Roofing & Hardware

ADDRESS: Asia Dist. Pratville, P.O. Manchester

PHONE: 770-4687


CONTACT: Delroy Campbell


Diego’s Hardware Plus

ADDRESS: Bottom Pond, Kendal Dist., Mandeville P.O.
PHONE: 504-8349

CONTACT: Wayne Aird


Local Hardware Smith

ADDRESS: Cnr Brumalia & Caledonia, Mandeville

PHONE: 962-1935


CONTACT: Sean Gooden



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Operating Highlights

2014 Operating Highlights 


Cement Sales                                                                    830,931            
Clinker Sales 155,423
Cement Production  830,061
Clinker Production  795,041


2013 Operating Highlights


 Cement Sales 826,629 
 Clinker Sales  36,570
 Cement Production  824,893
 Clinker Production  696,077



Operating Highlights 2012


Cement Sales  755,071
Clinker Sales  12,673
Cement Production 760,296
Clinker Production 652,579


2011 Operating Highlights

Cement Sales


Cement Production


Clinker Production


2010 Operating Highlights

Cement Sales


Cement Production


Clinker Production


2009 Operating Highlights

Cement Sales


Cement Production


Clinker Production


2008 Operating Highlights

Cement Sales


Cement Production


Clinker Production


2007 Operating Highlights

Cement Sales


Cement Production


Clinker Production


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