Caribbean Cement Company Limited

60th Anniversary Celebrations Continue

On February 8 1952, the first bags of Carib Cement rolled off the conveyor belt. Sixty years later, members of staff remembered the day with an Outside Broadcast (OB) by RJR94 FM and a Photographic Display at the main plant in Rockfort.

The OB began with a surprise call to a member of staff at 5:50 am. Hosts Paula-Ann Porter and Allan Magnus called Sales & Marketing Manager, Alice Hyde. Although still in bed, she was up to the task and was articulate and coherent, demonstrating that at Carib Cement, the people are always ready.

Dalmain Small, Human Resource Manager spoke about the people at Carib Cement and human resource initiatives. Newton Hamilton, Chief Union Delegate of the National Workers Union touched on his experience at Carib Cement and on the good relations between management and unions.

For the segment which dealt with unusual names, Cheraulae (pronounced Sherola) Stewart of the Human Resource Department and Ayunga Barrett, of the Packing Plant discussed the origin and issues they have had with their names.

Barrington Brown, the longest serving employee of over 35 years and LaToya Thomas, Mining Engineer also related their experiences at Carib Cement and what their jobs entailed.

Concurrently with the OB, was a Photographic Display. This created quite a bit of interest as members of staff were seen throughout the day, looking at the photos posted and also scouring the albums to see photos of themselves and co-workers taken years ago.

Paula-Ann Porter, left, and Allan Magnus of RJR94 FM interview LaToya Thomas, Mining Engineer and Barrington Brown, the longest serving employee at Carib Cement at the Outside Broadcast at the Rockfort plant  on the 60th anniversary of production.

Yvonne Swaby of the Finance Department is quite taken by the photo of Dalmain Small, Human Resource Manager with a full head of hair.

Also taking in the photo display and getting a few laughs, are from left, MarleneThelwell of the Technical Office, General Manager, Tony Haynes, HR Manager Dalmain Small (partially hidden) and Warren Freeburne of the Manufacturing Department.

From left, Deloris Stephenson, Cheryl Richards and Charmaine Morrison of the Materials Department are amused by the old photographs.


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Operating Highlights

2014 Operating Highlights 


Cement Sales                                                                    830,931            
Clinker Sales 155,423
Cement Production  830,061
Clinker Production  795,041


2013 Operating Highlights


 Cement Sales 826,629 
 Clinker Sales  36,570
 Cement Production  824,893
 Clinker Production  696,077



Operating Highlights 2012


Cement Sales  755,071
Clinker Sales  12,673
Cement Production 760,296
Clinker Production 652,579


2011 Operating Highlights

Cement Sales


Cement Production


Clinker Production


2010 Operating Highlights

Cement Sales


Cement Production


Clinker Production


2009 Operating Highlights

Cement Sales


Cement Production


Clinker Production


2008 Operating Highlights

Cement Sales


Cement Production


Clinker Production


2007 Operating Highlights

Cement Sales


Cement Production


Clinker Production


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